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However, when I turned 10, my parents decided to organize a birthday celebration for me and they went ahead to give me a gift. The gift was inside a neatly and attractively wrapped red…
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Paper 1 and 2
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Paper and 2 The Best Gift Birthday gifts are not common among Chinese expect for the newborn babies and the elderly. However, when I turned 10, my parents decided to organize a birthday celebration for me and they went ahead to give me a gift. The gift was inside a neatly and attractively wrapped red packet and decorated with Chinese symbols all over.
Inside the gift was money, but how it was wrapped and presented made it look more appealing even than what it contained inside. Red is a very vibrant color; consequently, the envelope looked conspicuous across the room attracting the attention of anyone who entered our living room. I simply could not wait for the gift giving session to reach so that I could hold the envelop in my hand and feel its beauty, and the magnitude of significance that it represented.
The gift was significant because with it my parents acknowledged that I was old enough to make sound choices. I chose to buy painting tools and other art materials to help furnish my artistic abilities.
Holiday Tradition
My hometown is Hong Kong and my favorite holiday tradition is the Lantern Festival. The celebration is marked by hanging lanterns of various sizes and shapes illuminating the streets and creating an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. Children too carry small bought lanterns and stroll the streets with utmost enjoyment, as well as sounds and giggles of excitement adding on to the delight that leaves any person visiting the town in a state of awe. The smell and sound of delight always hover over the atmosphere during this time
Enhancing the lantern activity is the overwhelming riddle guessing where a correct answer earns one a gift. Furthermore, lion dance performed during the festival adds immeasurable fun to the Lantern Festival. Finally, no celebration is complete without food. During the festival, the signature delicacy is the tantalizing yuanxiao, which apart from its sweetness, is a symbol of happiness, harmony, and union to families. Read More
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Paper 1 and 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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