Why You Should Adopt dogs and not buy them - Assignment Example

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There has recently been a wide public debate on the subject of dog adoption and purchasing. According to Palika (36), many citizens prefer to purchase their pets from recognized…
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Why You Should Adopt dogs and not buy them
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Module Journalism, mass media and communication- ‘Why You should adopt dogs and not buy them’ INTRODUCTION In the United s,as well as other nations, dogs are by far the most popular household pets. There has recently been a wide public debate on the subject of dog adoption and purchasing. According to Palika (36), many citizens prefer to purchase their pets from recognized places, and have the mistaken assumption that such pets are less likely to be besieged by behavioral as well as physical concerns that may exist in animals from shelters. In addition, there has not been much exposure given to the question of adopting pets from shelters. There are actually many benefits that can be enjoyed by both the person in question and the dog that will be adopted if the individual chooses to acquire a pet from a shelter. For example, adopting a pet is more cost effective than buying one. Many rescue groups and city shelters tend to spend a great deal of money on aspects such as regular visits to the veterinarian, boarding costs, and grooming.
Many people also do not realize that adopting a pet leaves them with many options in regards generating support groups that help them to live in harmony with their new pet. If an individual buys a dog from a store, he or she assumes all responsibilities for that pet, even with the absence of any past records on the animal. The process of adopting a pet enables the new owner to be furnished with critical information with regard to the animal’s history. Adoption centers such as rescue groups are also more likely to help the new owner with responsibilities through the familiarization period as they are as interested as the owner in ensuring that the dog finds a good home. Service enterprises, such as the Beagle Freedom Project, that deal in the sheltering of dogs are worth researching to discover the different aspects involved in adopting or purchasing dogs.
Such organizations tend to keep records on each of their pets, their acclimatization to their new surroundings when they are adopted, and the extent to which they are successfully integrated into their new families.
The three experts I intend to interview include:
César Millán Favela - an American self-taught dog trainer who runs a popular series on the behaviors of different dogs and the effects that shelters may have on them
Dr. Marty Becker - a renowned veterinarian who regularly works in association with shelters such as the Beagle Freedom Project
Sarah Kalnajs - Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, who also works with shelters provided by associations such as the Beagle Freedom Project.
1. Is there any real behavioral difference between purebred dogs and mixed breeds that are housed in shelters, and those that are kept in stores for the purpose of being sold?
2. Is it more expensive to adopt a dog than to purchase one?
3. Are private animal shelters better than those supported by public institutions, and how do they affect animal behavior?
4. Are all the animals in shelters put there due to the fact that they are strays, or have problematic behaviors?
Work Cited
Palika, Liz. Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption: Rewards and Realities. New York: Howell Book House, 2004. Print. Read More
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