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In Miami, Florida, the situation is not any different since the city has a history with bicycles and a current population that continues…
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Bicycles in Miami
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Bicycles in Miami Introduction Bicycles are convenient means of transport often preferred by most people and government owing to their cost effective and ecofriendly nature. In Miami, Florida, the situation is not any different since the city has a history with bicycles and a current population that continues to show preference for bicycles despite the advancing motor vehicle technology. Both the state and federal government continue to promote the use of bicycles in the city thereby creating a large market for bicycles in the city (Smith, 1999). Different entrepreneurs currently operate in the manufacture and sale of high quality bicycles in the city and the growth of the industry portrays the both the potential and the future of the place of bicycles in Miami, Florida.
Miami is among the leading tourist destinations in the United States famed for its wide beaches. As such, the city experiences an influx of visitors especially during summer a feature that piles pressure on the city’s transport system. In order to overcome such challenges, the state government encouraged the use of bicycles thereby giving rise to the number of bicycles in the city. The history of the city therefore includes the high number of bicycles (Mathur, 2014). Progressively, bicycles remained a fundamental feature of transport in the city as the industry expanded owing to the concerted government effort to promote clean and safe environment. As a preferred tourist destination, the use of bicycles in Miami offered a cheaper means of transport especially for the locals who had to compete for public transport with the rising number of tourists visiting the city annually. This explains the historical position of bicycles in the city, the position has not changed since to date both locals and tourists alike prefer the use of bicycles as the preferred means of transport in Miami.
The use of bicycles remains commonplace in Miami as the government continues to expand projects that foster the growth of the industry through systematic policies. The wealthy and the rich in Miami continue to show preference for bicycle as a means of transport owing to the government’s endeavors to improve the appreciation of the means of transport. The trend spread throughout the city owing to the health benefits associated with cycling to work. Besides sustaining the cleanliness of the environment, cycling to work promises a lean healthy body since it provides the body with intense physical activity thereby burning used calories in the body (Frantz, 2009). Different arms of the government continue to encourage the use of bicycles using such factors to motivate the people to continue the use of bicycles.
Among the reasons for the use of bicycles in Miami, include the flat topography that makes cycling less laborious. Furthermore, the state government built appropriate roads among other infrastructure with the aim of encouraging cycling throughout the city. The road network has dedicated lanes for bicycles a feature that guarantees the safety of cyclists in the city. The future promises to foster the growth of the trend as conditions that encouraged the use of bicycles in the past persist. In fact, the need for safer and cleaner environments coupled with the desire for healthier bodies continue to act as motivators for the use of bicycles as the most preferred means of transport.
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