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Critiquing an article - The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice - Assignment Example

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In the field of communication flow of objectivity in opinions are getting increasingly important. Another fact that is important for researchers in this…
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Critiquing an article - The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice
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Extract of sample "Critiquing an article - The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice"

Download file to see previous pages gths and weaknesses in the research article have also been made to put forward a concise and objective approach for the understanding, particularly in the field of accounting. In last section, a conclusion has been drawn which is a summary of opinions and inferences on strengths and weaknesses of the article deduced during the research.
Among technical fields and their professionals communication process is complex. There are many barriers in seamless and effective communication while communicating with general public. Special courses related to communication skills are included in curriculum in order to make these professionals closer to layman. In this, afore mentioned paper, public accountants were surveyed to gauge their communication abilities and adapting ability with the clients (Banderlipe, 2014). Following aspects, among accountants, were made moot point of the research:
These aspects will help researchers, accountants and student in the field of accountancy to understand nature and significance of listening skills to overcome communication barriers and provide for effective communication and transfer of information among peers. An important point that has been revealed is the issue of accountant’s tendency to listen. It is known among higher executives that barriers of this kind hamper in making decisions and establishing better business prospects. Also it is known as most important tool after problem solving and thinking. Listening is there for a holistic activity that helps in taking decisions. Better listening can help in noting minor details about any problem and situation. In the field of communication, concentration is of foremost importance while keeping in view the probability of missing any detail. Accountants are therefore required to take these skills before getting decisive in decision making and thinking (processing and dissemination of information).
The research conducted has been conclusive about the role of communication and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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