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The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice” the author discusses a research article that outlines the application of listening skills in accounting practices. The research article explores the importance of competencies in oral communication…
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The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice
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Extract of sample "The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice"

Download file to see previous pages  In addition to facilitating success in the accounting profession, listening skills contribute to social adjustment and participation. The major topics covered by the researchers are communication skills, accounting education, listening and communication practices. According to the researchers, most institutions consider listening skills as generic skills (Stone & Lightbody, 2012, p. 375). Teachers in these institutions do not consider listening skills as important skills in accounting practice. Most universities place emphasis on technical skills. Surveys on the importance of listening skills have put pressure on universities to raise awareness of these skills (Ameen, Jackson & Malgwi, 2010, p. 34). The researchers based their study on the assumption that there are gaps between employer expectations of employment attributes and skills, and the student’s perception of these expectations.
One of the strengths of the study is the researcher’s use of in-depth interviews on practicing accounting professionals in Australia (Stone & Lightbody, 2012, p. 373). Additionally, the researchers focused on Australia because the study targeted the Australian audience. The in-depth interview used by the researchers is a qualitative strategy of analysis. The second strength of the study is the ability of the authors to maintain a secure and confidential conversation during the interviews. In order to maintain confidentiality, the researchers used an interview guide, which comprised of a set of questions and comments for the respondents. Stone and Lightbody (2012) ensured that the respondents approved the questions of the interviews. Additionally, they focused on the topic for the sake of the issue and purpose of the interview. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice Assignment, n.d.)
The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice Assignment.
(The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice Assignment)
The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice Assignment.
“The Nature and Significance of Listening Skills in Accounting Practice Assignment”.
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