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Final version of book review- The Social Lives of Networked Teens. New Haven, CT: Yale Press, 2014 - Essay Example

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Having no idea what Google glass was at that moment, I went online to perform some research on it. Soon I came to understood that Google glass is a wearable computer device which has a…
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Final version of book review- The Social Lives of Networked Teens. New Haven, CT: Yale Press, 2014
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Extract of sample "Final version of book review- The Social Lives of Networked Teens. New Haven, CT: Yale Press, 2014"

Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, the following analysis will detail the way in which pieces of information regarding this technology, altered my opinion of it and have a profound impact with respect to how I view the changes that are currently taking place in the world around me.
The video in qustion is taken from the first person perspective of a man during his date with a female named Jennifer. Since the video is taken from the first person perspective, and according to the video’s topic, I assumed he took this video by using his Google glass. During their conversation, the man is constantly using Google glass to do various things such as searching information on the Google search engine, taking photos, watching videos, playing games, etc. After watching this video, I felt upset for the girl in this video and I probably would never purchase the Google glass. I could not stop thinking how I would feel if a guy were sitting in front of me and searching information about me without my permission; especially during a face to face interaction; such as a date. Doubtless, I am not the only individual with this point of view as most readers would likely agree that they too would be offended by such behavior. Yet, it is not the only example of the issue of personal privacy and a disregard for personal interaction. As the internet brings us convenience and makes our life more colorful, it also offers distinct drawbacks as well.
The reader can consider the way in which the social lives of teenagers are increasingly defined in a negative way by the proliferation of technology. Looking to the example of social media and how this process consumes the lives of so many teenagers, it is easy to envision a time in which face to face interaction is defined as “old fashioned” or “geeky”. One of the authors read for this class, FIRST NAME Boyd used a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Version of Book Review- The Social Lives of Networked Teens. New Essay.
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