Communication analysis on gender equality in the work place - Research Paper Example

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This discrimination comprises stereotyping and pay gaps. Men conventionally dominate workplaces, particularly in former generations. This means…
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Communication analysis on gender equality in the work place
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time, many contemporary cases of women who have developed prosperous corporate entities beg the question of gender equality at the work place (Eikhof, 2012). For example, Oprah Winfrey created a business empire virtually on her own. From a communications standpoint, the following paper analyzes gender equality at the workplace in different sectors.
Sectors dominated by women ought to experienced equality in pay, decreased sex discrimination, and have a more or less higher number of managing women than sectors dominated by men. This is because women have better chances in service, investment, property, wholesale, and retail sectors. In addition, Women have better communications skills than men. Women have better communication skills than men do because they bear a more relationship-based attitude towards work than men do. Men often choose to be objective when it comes to work, which makes it hard for them to appeal to others personally. In addition, women process knowledge aloud while men process within their minds. Processing knowledge aloud means there is a form of interaction. The more women process knowledge aloud, the better their communication skills. The relationship-based attitude of women further led to a consensus-type of leadership while men’s rational thinking often leads to a hierarchical-type of leadership. The consensus-type of leadership requires better communication skills than hierarchical because it involves less commands or orders and more personal interaction or engagement. However, this is not the case since managing women keep on lagging behind their male peers in terms of income and workplace dominance and opportunities in virtually all sectors.
Author Simma Lieberman argues that men and women differ in a number of ways. These ways determine gender equality at the place of work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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