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According to Karl Marx, Commodification is a process through which the social relations transform into the commercial relationships or relationship of exchange, for the purpose of buying and selling (Fuchs and Sandoval 8). In simpler words, it can be said that he claimed that…
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Answers for quiz questions
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Sur Quiz Questions Question According to Marx, what is commodification? Use the readingsby Marx and Felluga in your answer and then provide an example from the film and explain it in terms of this process.
According to Karl Marx, Commodification is a process through which the social relations transform into the commercial relationships or relationship of exchange, for the purpose of buying and selling (Fuchs and Sandoval 8). In simpler words, it can be said that he claimed that the nature of the relationships would ultimately changed. The term Karl Marx uses in ‘Communist Manifesto’ is “cash payment”. He explains that people are more sensitive to the outcomes of commodification culturally.
An example of over commodification is the Sprite “image is nothing” campaign. It engages the consumers into falsified meta-communication and disturbs the commodified social relations (Strasser 145).
Question 2: How does McRobbie’s analysis of commodity feminism allow us to better understand the film’s discussion of “The Midriff”? Use a direct quotation from her text in your answer.
McRobbie explains the commodity feminism by using different T.V shows’ female characters as examples. She talks about the series ‘Sex in the City’ in which the female characters are independent and career oriented. McRobbie also talks about the popular pre-school TV program “Dora the Explorer”.
The purpose of talking about the female characters is to determine the gender appropriation. The examples given by her are commonly known by all and they better describe the film’s discussion by bringing to light the gender roles in this subject. She believes Dora to be an empowered active female subject(Coleman 19).
Angela McRobbie states in her analysis of Sex and the City, "Popular feminism is celebrated in such a way as to suggest that the politics of feminist struggles are no longer needed” (533).
Question 3: The Duffy piece focuses on the rhetoric of authenticity in women’s magazines. Using the reading, explain what she means by this and identify an example from the film in which we’re sold a different type of authenticity.
As the term authenticity is being focused in the context of the Magazine, it refers to the inner “Real” beauty. The authentic beauty is a real body’s imperfect physical beauty. There is an opinion that a woman should choose a physical look to demonstrate her inner, real beauty (Bose 170).
The commercial culture has been deploying the appeals to the self-expression. Women’s magazine and advertisements have been infusing increasingly with the rhetoric of authenticity (Sedivy and Carlson 43)
“Thin! Bronzed! Botoxed! Blonde! Too many women—even famous ones—are caving into a cookie-cutter standard of beauty. True glamour means not conforming to some standard.”—Glamour Magazine, 2008
Question 4: Identify and describe an example from the film where you see advertisers use misdirection in language. What is this language concealing? Using the same ad/campaign, identify 2 ways in which it fits into one of the phases of advertising.
The advertisers studies the youth carefully to observe their language and then uses the words and language to convey the message of their brand or products to attract their targeted customers. Much of which is just a misdirection in language used to grab the attention towards their products.
The product’s advertisement  is meant for the language misdirect to the consumers is “Sprite” as shown and demonstrated in the video that the perception spread for the marketing and advertising is to prove that “Sprite” is as important as a pair of jeans for youth, and it is a must have.
There are five phases of advertisement such as, Idolatry, Iconology, Narcissism, Totemism, and Pantheistic Phase. Sprite’s advertisement fits two phases, idolatry and totemism. Totemism means representing the product as a lifestyle and as a symbol of social groups. Idolatry means rise if industrialization of the product.
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Answers for Quiz Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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