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Quiz - Answer the Questions of the quiz papers - Coursework Example

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Tom and Rom like (like) to read books. Rom likes (like) historical novels, but Tom (prefer) science fiction. They never go (go) to the same movies either. Rom insists (insist) on love stories and she always enjoys (enjoy) them, but her brother finds (find) them…
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Quiz - Answer the Questions of the quiz papers

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Download file to see previous pages Then he (watch) television,  (read) a book or  (play) with his friends.
6. It (be) a quiet morning: the birds (sing) in the trees and the cows .(eat) We (walk) happily when a terrible storm (start) 100 ms away from us. The wind (blow)a big tree down and a black cloud (appear) in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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