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PEST analysis entails the evaluation and analysis of the political, economic, social and technological study of the situation existing in the West Papua region. The…
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Situational analysis
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SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS By Business The of the School The and Where It Is Located The SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS
Situational analysis on West Papua in Indonesia entails the overall evaluation of the employment in the region. PEST analysis entails the evaluation and analysis of the political, economic, social and technological study of the situation existing in the West Papua region. The problem of unemployment is prevalent in the region. The political aspect of the region contributes to the problem of the people of Indonesia (Clinton, 2011, p. 45). In this regard, the policy framework of the administration of West Papua does not give preference to the unemployed populace of Indonesia. The restrictions on the market hamper the stimulation for economic activities, which create employment for the nationals of Indonesia. The political impact of the political class of Indonesia is that it fails to reduce the ever-growing rate of unemployment through the supporting of restrictive measures in the development of the nation.
The economic state of the country is also a substantial determinant of the employment rate of the nationals of West Papua. The economic growth and development is the government’s obligation. The development creates adequate employment through the jobs the process creates. The economy of Indonesia is also pegged on the international economic status (David, 2012, 65). In this regard, many aspect of the economy contribute to the scourge of unemployment in West Papua. Currency fluctuation of India contributed in the reduction in the economic activities, which provide employment opportunities. According To Eben (2010, 34), the social cultural aspect of Indonesia contributes in the unemployment challenge in the country.
The culture of the people of West Papua entails the overreliance on wind energy, which leads to less employment opportunities. In this regard, the youth on the region should invest in other renewable energy sources in order to create entrepreneurial opportunities. The people of west Papua have little time for social gratification. The habit leads to low networking of the populace. Consequently, there is no sharing of knowledge on employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas. The rate of unemployment increases because of limitation of innovative ideas on business. Technological stagnation is a challenge for the region. The problem is the proximate cause for the unemployment problem in the region. The stagnation limits the investment opportunities available to the youthful population.
Richard (2009, 71) asserts that lack of technological application in industries results in inefficiency and stalling various industrial processes. Consequently, many employees lose jobs and become unemployed. Additionally, most of the organizations in the West Papua region do not create good working environments for their employees. The unemployed people avoid the organizations because of the adverse conditions existing in the organizations. Therefore, all the aspects highlighted cause the situational problem of the region. The country of Indonesia responds to the problem in different ways.
The emphasis on agricultural production is a strategy aimed at self-reliance for the unemployed populace. The strategy also leads to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. According to Keith (2008, 43), the establishment of sustainable policy framework helps in the creation of employment opportunities for the people. The West Papua region also carries out fishing, which is income generating. Additionally, the residents of the region are taken through seminars whereby they are enlightened on the investments to make. In this regard, the people obtain viable ideas on the economic activities to indulge in, in order to develop on economic and financial aspect.
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