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This awareness raised by internet activists is the biggest effect of online activism which makes it a very beneficial source of education (Thrash Lab). For example,…
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Describe the effects of online activism (2)
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22 May The effects of online activism: Awareness about any issue is a very big asset because it educates people about what is right and what is wrong. This awareness raised by internet activists is the biggest effect of online activism which makes it a very beneficial source of education (Thrash Lab). For example, the video uploaded by FavianTube about the protests in Egypt in 2012 identifies how protestors simply disappear from the face of the earth due to involvement of the malicious government. It is told how a popular site secretly run by a common man named Ali to raise awareness about the government’s wrong strategies got discovered and Ali disappeared consequently. In another video about Tunisian revolution, it is told how the people used Facebook as their weapon to interact with each other and start a revolution against their government. The people tell in this video that internet has been the most fantastic tool they have ever had for online activism. In a video about Egyptian revolution by JFhsfohhMN, it is told that people in Egypt are making their voices recognized by tweets and other online media. Awareness is raised by online media against corrupt dictators. People are using these media to reveal human rights abuses also. In a video by Stalingbg, it is told that Sweden fully supports the free and open Internet to which everyone has access because online activism has numerous benefits. In another video by Anna Palm, an Egyptian reporter tells that there is evidence that the military targets protestors and subjects them to abuse.
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