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Fire is a disastrous occurrence that can be caused by different things like accidents, lightning and litter burning unexpectedly like what happened at the stadium in Bradford city 11/May/1985 in England (Raven et al, 2010). Fire can be a challenge to the environment at large…
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The after effects of Bradford stadium fire Introduction Fire is a disastrous occurrence that can be caused by different things likeaccidents, lightning and litter burning unexpectedly like what happened at the stadium in Bradford city 11/May/1985 in England (Raven et al, 2010). Fire can be a challenge to the environment at large where it affects the people living in it and the things surrounding it.
Effects of the fire to the environment
There are different types of environments that is, biophysical environment. As the fire consumed the stands at Bradford, the place was filled with smoke. This smoke made it difficult and almost impossible for the people to see properly. The smoke also caused difficulties in breathing for the people in the stadium. A lot of supporters died in the fires, some died while trying to flee through the lavatories, and others were not able to flee and so died glued to their seat some funs tried to save the other funs from the fire but still many perished (Withgot & Brennan, 2011). Also the players were affected psychologically by the occurrence of the fire and its effect such that they were not able to play as expected during the rematch.
The fire destroyed the stadium which is a medium of social environment. A stadium is a place where people socialize with each other as they watch a match. This environment is destroyed since after the fire the stadium is not fit for people to go and watch a match so it acts as a barrier for people to socialize.
There is also the economic environment which was also affected by the occurrences of the fire. This economical environment was affected by the fact that people who worked in the stadium lost their jobs since the stadium could not continue offering its services. (Dudley 2006) Also after the fire, the income generation through the stadium was affected since people who came to watch a match and paid could not since the stadium could not serve its purpose for some time. The stadium also required to be renovated so a lot of funds were used to accomplish this and so the economic environment became largely affected.
The environment is a system that is made up of multiple entities that are related and for this reason if one component is tamper with by a certain environmental hazard the whole system gets affected in a way. In the discussion above, fire at Bradford stadium was really a challenge to the various types of environment that surrounded the stadium. Fire can hazardous to the environment if not properly managed, by this it means that people should be cautious when using fire as a tool in their duties. We see from this scenario that just a small mistake made has caused so any lives to be lost.
B.B.C. 1985. Fire killed funs in Bradford stadium retrieved from On 28/11/2011.
This reference was retrieved from the BBC website on the 28th of November, 2011. This article describes the Bradford Stadium fire as it happened in 1985, and the adverse effects of the fire. The article also tells of people’s reaction to the fire, and what authorities would have done to prevent such fires.
Raven, P. H., Berg, L. R and Hassenzahi, D. 2010. Environment. 5th Ed. New York: Wiley and Sons.
This reference has been derived online from The book highlights various environmental issues. This has outlined the effects of human activities on the environment and possible ways that can be put in place to prevent such occurrences that impact negatively on the environment. The book has outlined an example of human activity that affects the environment is fire, and has outlined its effects.
Withgot, J. and Brennan, S. R. 2011. Environment and its challenges. New York: Benjamin Cummings.
This book has been derived online from The authors analyze challenges that the environment faces, and ways that these challenges can be avoided. One such challenge is fires, as the one that occurred in Bradford stadium. This book has been used to explain challenges that the Bradford stadium fire had on authorities by explaining its effects on the environment.
Dudley, W. 2006. Environment. New York: Greenhaven Press.
Just like the other books, this book has been derived online from It also explains environmental degradation from agents like fire, hence explains how this can be avoided by various stakeholders. Read More
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