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Ultimately, prior to the advent of computing and the Internet, the means to which media publics are impacted were entirely…
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Download file to see previous pages As a function of this particular analysis, the widely popular news and opinion site the “Drudge Report” will be analyzed. Although it is true that this particular is most certainly biased and represents a far right of center outlook on the world, is the understanding of this particular analyst that the skewed worldview that it represents fosters is essential in helping to apply the theories of Habermas and Lunt; as they relate to “media publics” and the means through which they are fostered and represented within current society.
At the heart of understanding and appreciating either Habermas or Lunt’s approach to theory is an appreciation for the way in which the communication process itself takes place. Bias and point of view takes the place of objectivistic reason and a level of ethos is inherently present. Within this line of understanding, the “Drudge Report” offers up a seemingly incessant stream of opinion based “facts” that serve to confirm and promote the worldview of those that frequent the site. Ultimately, the media public that is being created within this particular case is somewhat unique with respect to many other media publics that exists within the realm of news (McQuail 57) What is meant by this is that the “news” items that are promoted and presented to the reader of the “Drudge Report” serve the function of confirming a particular world view; rather than merely presenting the news itself (Lunt 88). Although this is certainly true for many of the media publics that exist within the current model, it is most certainly the case for the news items that seemingly perpetually recycle themselves on the Drudge Report.
As a result of the political orientation and focus that the site promotes, the main source of engagement and/or the media public that is created is defined by a demographic that is largely white, Christian, and middle class. Whereas with any media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MEDIA AUDIENCE EXERCISE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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