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Media Criticism - Term Paper Example

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Phil show as the best show to ever air on television. Dr. Phil is a series program that engages the host who is Phil McGraw and individuals who have life challenges seeking for solutions with audience watching the proceedings. The aim of the show is to provide…
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Media Criticism Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This order attempts to outline why Dr. Phil show serves as the best show for the audience.
Dr. Phil invites the victims of various life challenges on the stage before the audience and they get a chance to describe their challenges. The session is couple with videos or recordings of the activities that may have led to the problem for the victim. In many cases, the challenges involve unusual behaviours that people develop as a result of engaging in some activities or conflicts between parents, children or lovers. The program is considered to be the best because Dr. Phil engages the victim to get to the root cause of the problem. It is also captivating because it involves different issues that affect members of the society and thus many people can relate to the problems being solved and also gain solutions to their problems (McGraw 45).
I love Dr. Phil show because I get to realise many challenges that people face in their life. For instance, issues of dating a person who is addicted to certain drugs or behaviours are common in Dr. Phil show. In a certain show a lady and her boyfriend were introduced before the audience where her boyfriend had forced her to engage in different types of drugs including the hard drugs. Her parents were so disappointed that she would not listen to them anymore due to her obsession with her boyfriend. When she was introduced on Dr. Phil, she admitted that her relationship with her boyfriend had completely changed her behaviour but she was not will to quit the relationship. Although she promised to change after receiving advice from Dr. Phil, the lesson was critical especially to young people that lovers can change one’s life and behaviour completely. Dr. Phil show is thus essential to almost all members of the societies since different people have different life challenges that they can connect with in the show.
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