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The article explains public relations with the help of an example. Eden Diodati is a very important fashion label that was launched in March 2012. This fashion label became popular…
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Women in Public Relations I picked this article because it discusses women doing public relations in the fashion industry. The article explains public relations with the help of an example. Eden Diodati is a very important fashion label that was launched in March 2012. This fashion label became popular in the fashion industry in no time. The present collection all of this fashion label includes accessories that have obvious influence of the African jewelry and print styles. Founder of the fashion label, Jennifer Ewah, says that one of the main purposes behind the establishment of this fashion label was public relations in general and charity in particular. Jennifer was able to achieve this by sending 10% of the dividends of the labels to the Medicins Sans Frontieres which is a charity meant for the health care globally. In addition to that, a large share of the clothing is retrieved from the artisans that are employed by an Italian non-profit cooperative organization named Cooperativa Rinascere which offers employment and support to the women in the local community. In this way, Jennifer is not only able to contribute to the society through charity but is also able to help raise the rate of employment by retrieving the services from women from the local communities. This is essentially a mutually beneficial relationship between the fashion label and the society. I particularly picked this article because this was brief but precise. The information contained in this article is important in that it not only lends a firm understanding of public relations but also it embarks on the huge tendency of women to do public relations in all industries. Read More
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