Comfort Women - Beyond Litigious Feminism by Wakabayashi and Bob Tadashi - Article Example

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The article "Comfort Women - Beyond Litigious Feminism by Wakabayashi and Bob Tadashi" gives an estimate to massive rape in World War II, particularly in Nankin. The author considers mass rape as a form of genocide of the Japanese invaders against the peoples on whose territory they invaded…
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Comfort Women - Beyond Litigious Feminism by Wakabayashi and Bob Tadashi
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Genocide does not always refer to the direct death or absence of life when it comes to the particular concern of a culture or race. Genocide comes in plenty of forms. When planned and done in a massive manner, rape is considered as a form of genocide. One of the reasons as to why massive rapes can be considered as a form of genocide is the fact that it can destroy relevant factors that need to exist within a culture--within a racial or ethnic group. The article speaks generally of the pains, problems, and the effects of the rape that the women in any culture or race are forced to go through.

The writer’s review on the perspectives given by two authors had brought about different points of views concerning the main topic that is aimed to be discussed: the rape of women by the Japanese military during World War II. As much as Nanking is not the main focus for rape as the chosen source, the article provides a different perspective of the topic of rape. Wakabayashi makes use of the start of his review with a question as to whether the activist scholarship that shows support of the litigation be the best form of justice that has long been due to the victims of the rape in the era of wars (223). The writer then starts to speak of the perspective of the Japanese writers with concerns to the common topic at hand. Read More
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Comfort Women - Beyond Litigious Feminism by Wakabayashi and Bob Tadas Article.
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