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Culture to the total cumulative deposit of beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, religion, hierarchies, roles, geographical location, language and other universal concepts that have been achieved by individuals or a given group. However, different cultures ranging from national,…
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Global Changes and Developing
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National, Group and Organizational Cultures s al Affiliation Introduction Culture to the total cumulative deposit of beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, religion, hierarchies, roles, geographical location, language and other universal concepts that have been achieved by individuals or a given group. However, different cultures ranging from national, organizational or group cultures are influenced by different factors (Schriesheim & Neider 2006). This paper discusses the elements that influence national, organizational and group cultures, a situation where these cultures conflict with each other and the change impact that these cultures have in life (Schriesheim & Neider 2006).
National, organizational and group cultures are greatly influenced by the leadership styles that exist in each culture. For example, the management style, vision and the personality of a leader greatly affect the behaviour and performance of the people under him or her. In addition, the tradition and the history of the country, organization or the group affect the performance of the individuals in that nation, group or organization. For example, if the forefathers of a given nation strived and hard worked and managed to achieve their desired goals as independence, then the citizens of that nation would automatically develop a culture of hardworking and striving in order to achieve their goals. Moreover, the set goals, beliefs, symbols and values of a given nation, organization or group influence their corresponding cultures. For example, the symbols in the national flag, organization or group dictate much about the goals, vision and mission of that state or organization (Schriesheim & Neider 2006).
Consequently, there are many instances where national, organization and group culture conflict in one way of the other. In most cases, conflicts arise when one culture interferes with the culture of the other group, nation or organization. However, the existence of cultures helps in shaping the behaviours of individuals and their performance (Schriesheim & Neider 2006).
It is, therefore, evident that, culture is an integral aspect in structuring the expected dos and donts of individuals in an organization or group. Moreover, each organization or group should respect the culture of each other to ensure peaceful co-existence.
Schriesheim, C., & Neider, L. L. (2006). Power and influence in organizations: New empirical and theoretical perspectives. Greenwich, Conn: IAP - Information Age Pub Read More
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Global Changes and Developing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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