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The study will adopt descriptive survey as a method of collecting information by using a standardized form of interview schedule and administering a questionnaire to a sample of individuals. The study will use both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This will be…
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Research techniques and approaches
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Research Techniques and Approaches By: METHODOLOGY Research design The study will adopt descriptive survey as a method of collecting information by using a standardized form of interview schedule and administering a questionnaire to a sample of individuals. The study will use both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This will be appropriate variable in collecting and summarizing data that will be used in analyzing data about different perceptions towards trends in fashion. As a result, the qualitative and quantitative research methods will ensure reliability and credibility of the results.
Method of data collection
Measure: For the purpose of carrying out primary research on the subject, the research will use an interview guideline and a survey questionnaire. The survey questionnaire was helpful in retrieving real time view of the respondents by presenting certain statements aimed at understanding respondent’s view on the particular variables (GAIMSTER 2011, 56). The responses provided by the respondents will be measured using Likert Scale as this will enable the researcher to determine the degree of agreement or disagreement of the respondent pertaining to particular statements. On the other hand, the interview guideline enabled the researcher to gather in-depth detail about the subject. For evaluating the gathered data scientifically, the researcher shall use the SPSS software (FLYNN & FOSTER 2009, 56). This software provides statistical trends along with the graphical presentation of these trends to help researchers in asserting the primary information and answer research questions.
Method of analysis
Statistical analysis of surveys: For the purpose of checking the reliability of the data and the hidden information in the form of patterns, the researcher shall use Regression analysis, Corn Bach Alpha test of reliability, one way Anova and Mean analysis (BLESSING, CHAKRABARTI & BLESSING 2009, 89). The data collected will be analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Qualitative data will be analyzed using grounded theory methods. The hypotheses formulated for this study will be tested with the use of logistic regression and one-way Anova. Logistic regression is multiple regression but with an outcome variable that is a categorical dichotomy and predictor variables that are continuous or categorical (LAU 2012, 11). Quantitative data analysis was done to generate frequencies percentages and means. The resulting quantitative data will be interpreted using simple statistical method. The qualitative data obtained through open-ended questions and interview protocols will be analyzed by placing the responses into identical categories as described in NVivo software used for analyzing qualitative research data (KAWAMURA 2011, 31).
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