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How masculinity is Constructed within Men's Health magazine - Essay Example

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Masculinity can have a degree of comparison; that is either "more masculine" or "most masculine". Constructs of masculinity may vary across cultural and historical contexts. Academic…
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How masculinity is Constructed within Mens Health magazine
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Download file to see previous pages The level in which masculinity is because of nurture or nature, an issue of what a person is born with or socialization is a subject of debate. Research, has helped to give much information concerning the development of masculine traits and the sexual differentiation process specific to human beings’ reproductive system. The SRY gene on the Y chromosome is central for male sexual development since it activates SOX9. SOX9 collaborates with Sf1 to enhance the Anti-Müllerian hormone to limit female development, while at the same time activating and forming a feed-forward loop with FGF9. This creates the testis cords and causes the proliferation of Sertoli cells. The creation of SRY limits the process of making a female. It causes, events that result in androgen production, testis formation, and a number of pre and post-natal hormonal effects. Scholars have developed a big debate about how children get gender identities. Others say that a masculinity is linked with the male body. On this view, it is evident that a masculinity is associated with the male sex and when a child has male genitalia, is regarded as an important aspect of masculinity (Connell 2005).
Some scholars argue that biological factors influence masculinity; they also claim it is culturally constructed. Scholars that support this view say that women can become men physically and hormonally and that aspect assumed to be natural are linguistically and culturally driven. Concerning the nurture side of the debate, it is said that masculinity lacks a single source of origin, such as the media, institutions, or groups of people. The military has an interest in promoting a form of masculinity; however, it cannot create it from nothing. Masculinity has helped to influence the creation of the military. As an example of socialization into masculinity, facial hair is connected to masculinity through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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