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This article is in the Times magazine and is authored by Sam Frizell. It appeared in the Times magazine dated 29th March 2014. The following…
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News of the week
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Teen Has Plan to Save the Government $400 Million This paper is examining an article in the Times magazine about a plan that a teen has to ensure that the government saves $400 million. This article is in the Times magazine and is authored by Sam Frizell. It appeared in the Times magazine dated 29th March 2014. The following link is helpful in accessing the entire article in case one wishes to read it;
The main idea in the newspaper is the issue of using of Times News Roman as the standard font style for the government since it needs more ink than Garamond. One of the facts in the article is the aspect of the government spending much in printing the typefaces that are standard and the issue of the teen’s idea of a cheaper typeface embrace. The author provides sufficient explanation and factual material that support his idea and propel his thought. He believes that Garamond requires lesser ink as compared to Times News Roman, which is factual. He argues that the government loses hundreds of millions on typefacing using Times News Roman. There is an image of a simple piggy Bank provided in the magazine (Frizel, Para. 2).
The 14 year old Mirchandani Suvir thought that changing the government documents standard typeface would save millions in ink posts. The teen advises that using of Times News Roman as a standard font style wastes more ink and suggests that the government resorts to Garamond. The teen got the information from observing other teens switch between font styles with an intention of attaining the required length by the teacher (Frizell, Para. 1).
In my opinion, the reportage is true, balanced and unbiased. Times New Roman tends to use more space on a space hence more ink is needed to print it out. However, there are no diversified viewpoints provided in the article. The article is an editorial because it is the author’s original idea and it is convincing because of the fact that if one compares Garamond and Times New Roman, it is evident that the latter requires more ink usage. Lastly, my general opinion about the article is that the teen has an idea that should sell across the world and not only in America. This might save countries millions of cash.
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Sam Frizell, 2014, Teen Has a Plan to Save the Government $400 Million Retrieved on 29th March 2014. Read More
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