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If I clean today, she should clean tomorrow. Recently her boyfriend came to visit her and she ended up not cleaning the room because the boyfriend needed much of her attention. When I arrived in the evening…
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Conflict Resolution Paper
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Conflict resolution paper My roommate and I had agreed that we should clean our room in shifts. If I clean today, she should clean tomorrow. Recently her boyfriend came to visit her and she ended up not cleaning the room because the boyfriend needed much of her attention. When I arrived in the evening after class, I was furious to find the room in total mess. A part from missing out to clean the room, she had misplaced everything from its proper place. The clothes, toiletries and utensils were all mixed up lying on the floor. I picked my mobile phone immediately and wrote her a nasty message because I was angered. The message had not been replied after half an hour. I decided to write her another text message; this time round it was worse because it included abuses. Still she did not reply. After 2 hours, my anger had cooled down; I decided to call my roommate’s boyfriend to inform me why his girlfriend was not answering my message. I was shocked to learn from the boyfriend that my roommate had gone unconscious before they left the room and rushed her to a medical facility. I suddenly remembered that my roommate was epileptic. The boyfriend confessed of the mess in the room, he confessed that he was trying to look for her medical records and because of the hurry, he ended up disarranging everything. I felt so ashamed to learn that I had to confess to both my roommate and her boyfriend afterwards. If I had to find myself in the same situation in future, I would first of all wait for her to return, ask her why it happened before reacting (Van de Vliert and Euwema 679). I will never let my emotions dominate me next time I find myself in conflict.
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Van de Vliert, Evert and Euwema, Martin. Agreeableness and activeness as components of conflict behaviors. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 66, (1994): 674–687. Read More
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Conflict Resolution Paper Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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