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The article titled “Abortions Declining US, Study Finds” was authored by Erik Eckholm and in this article the author reports on the findings of a study which states that the number of abortions that has taken place in United States have declined as recorded during the period…
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Your pick of this weeks news week 7
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News Analysis – Abortion Summary The article d “Abortions Declining US, Study Finds” was authored by Erik Eckholm and in this article the author reports on the findings of a study which states that the number of abortions that has taken place in United States have declined as recorded during the period of 2011 (Eckholm 1). The author cites the research while stating that a decline of 0.10 million abortions have been experienced by United States as recorded during 2011 in comparison to the statistics of 2008 when the number of abortions totaled to 1.21 million. The author states that this decline has been experienced due increase in use of contraceptives as well as the recession being experienced by United States and the changes in rules and regulations regarding abortions.
The main idea of the article is that the rate of abortion has and this decline has taken place due to use of contraceptives and recession. The author states that the number of abortions during 2011 stood at 1.1 million as compared to the period of 2008 when the number of abortions were 1.21. The article even states that the number of abortion has even declined in comparison to the rate at which they were occurring during 1981 when the rate was 29.3%. The article suggests that this decline is caused due to contraceptives and recession and laws have had little impact as laws were enacted after 2011. The author has satisfied the requirement of providing facts regarding the decline, but has failed to provide details regarding why the decline has stated and has simply made assumptions or highlighted suggestions provided by the research. The report has not focused on the side that is in favor of abortion or is in favor of relaxed laws for abortion. To a certain extend the report is biased as the report has used one side of the view and ignored the other side. the article is a hard news story as it focuses on what researches have stated but it lacks information on why the decline in abortion has taken place as no statistics are used in that context. The article is quite informative but requires more in-depth details about different reasons of decline in abortion and the correlation between rate abortion and different factors that contribute to its decline.
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Eckholm, Erik. "Log In - The New York Times.", 2014. Web. 16 Mar 2014. . Read More
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