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The effects of media on new generations - Research Paper Example

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As we know young generation is more prone to media then elder people, they learn information required knowing and certain information not required as well. According to latest studies…
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The effects of media on new generations
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Extract of sample "The effects of media on new generations"

Download file to see previous pages Digital media mainly comprises of television. Television is mostly used by young generation to spend most of their time. Watching violent programs can cause violent behavior in young generations; excessive use of digital media leads to decrease in academic performance, certain programs can result in unnatural sexual behavior among young generation. As per a data analysis it has been found that a youth on an average watches 12,000 violent acts annually in a television including acts of rape and murder. There have been about 1000 reports that confirm that watching heavy doses of violence in television leads to aggressive behavior in young generation. Extensive watching of television has adverse effect on nutrition. For an example the amount of advertisements shown for fast foods, presweetened cereals and candies is much more related to healthy food which advertises only 4% of the total advertisements.
Due to extensive watching of sex related programs it has been recorded that sex between unmarried couples is 24 times more than married partners. It leads to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. A report mentions huge increase in sex related interactions during family hours (NCBI 1).
Alcohol and smoking consumption has increased a lot among young generation in a last couple of years solely due to advertisements and promotion of beer and other liquors in television and hoardings on street.
Apart from television and hoardings there is music videos which causes equal impact now-a-days. More than 70% videos include sexually explicit items and more than 80% of videos contain violence. This affects mostly the male population to grow aggressive.
Video games are equally responsible to cause mental and physical hazards in young generation, most youths prefer to sit back at home and play video games instead of going for out-door games. This results in physical imbalance and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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