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Compare the differences between China and America on using of media entertainment and media effect on individual - Essay Example

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Culture refers to the relatively stable trends and aptterns amongst people and it defines the way people set up their values and choices in many instances and situations.
Culture clearly…
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Compare the differences between China and America on using of media entertainment and media effect on individual
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Download file to see previous pages To this end, the paper will critique the fundamental elements and aspects of culture and provide a review of how they define dominant trends and patterns in the society. The paper will undertake a comparative analysis and review of culture and how it shapes entertainment in two countries - China and the United States of America. To this end, there will be a critical review of various aspects of culture and the media in these two countries.
Fundamentally, the media captures contemporary issues and matters in a given society and community (Cowans, 2000). This is because the media often focuses on addressing dominant matters and situations as and when they unfold in the time in question. Thus, culture is central and important in defining what the mainstream mindset and expectations of the people is and what unconventional conflicts and issues come up to form an appropriate storyline for the media.
"Culture provides a kaleidoscope within which human emotions are defined" (Rohn, 2009: p232). This implies that culture defines what is to be done in every stage in the human life from birth, puberty, adulthood, old age to death (Rohn, 2009). As such, the definitions of happiness and sadness is dictated by what the dominant culture values and identifies to be important. Typically, the media presents issues and matters that challenges the status quo and this is often a situation that is uncommon or unusual. This is because members of the society and audiences around the world will prefer to view issues and matters that do not really seem to be conventional or in line with the dominant practices and views of the society.
Culture has a strong linkage to the media and the media has two main issues that converge to create this connection: dominant conflicts in the culture and new technology (Marsh, 2012). Marsh argues that in the normal sense, audiences to the media often seek to view things that are not in sync with the dominant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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