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Different media texts analysis, relationship between media and communication and in terms of culture - Assignment Example

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Communications Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Media is the mirror of the society. It is the channel through which information is disseminated to the target audience. The information can be promotional messages, education, news, entertainment or any kind of data…
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Different media texts analysis, relationship between media and communication and in terms of culture
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Extract of sample "Different media texts analysis, relationship between media and communication and in terms of culture"

Download file to see previous pages Media will always want to maintain a good relationship with the society and therefore it tends to sell itself to the consumers by telling the society what they want to hear. Media is so dependent on the society because it cannot exist without it. Communication on the other hand is the flow and of ideas and information between individuals. Communication is only effective if the two or more communicating persons understand one another. It is only successful if the receiver is able to decode and understand received the message from sender (Carey, 1989). The communication process involves, first, the sender has to possess an element of feeling, idea, concept or information that he wants to pass to the sender. Next, involves encoding of the message. The message is sent to the intended receiver in words, symbols or appropriate language of the medium. Next, the decoding of the message takes place. This involves expression of the message in an intelligence language that the receiver understands. Lastly, the receiver gives feedback to the sender. This is an expression of the sender’s opinion. This can be in form of words, facial expression or feelings. Media textual analysis is the way in which the audience of given information make an intelligent, educated and a well understandable choice at the most likely interpretation about the information (Chin, 2011). It is a methodology used to carry out quantitative analysis of the content of some information in question. Texts from magazines, advertisements, television, clothes or films can be closely analyzed so as to obtain different ways in which different audiences interpret them according to different situational analysis. There are several factors that affect interpretation of media messages. First, cultural background has got a say on the interpretation an individual will give to a particular message. The cultural backgrounds could be religious, tribal or economic. For instance, journals from the west report that fatness is unhealthy. However, there is no general universal agreement that being fat is something worth not appreciating or appreciating. Some western medical and anesthetic arguments insist that having a larger body is neither attractive nor healthy. This is not the case in Africa (Chin, 2011). For example in Niger, being fat is the beauty of a woman. Therefore women get encouraged to take pills to gain appetite and steroids to become heavy. The media case above about the western journal is clear evidence that cultural disparity result to different aspects in which a media message gets interpreted. People from the western community who are influenced by scientific research would support the health journal report. On the other hand, the Niger community from Africa is greatly influenced by their African traditions (Berger, 2011). They believe that a woman is quantified by her body size. Their reaction to the journal would be dismissive. Differences in critical reasoning and thinking also display varying interpretation about media information. Logical reasoning is the basis of factual argument in the western countries inherited from Classical Greece (Silverstone, 1999). They will often subject facts to many options of possible understanding. Culture of the Jains in India poses several possible results of factual analysis. Is it a fact? May be it is, may be it is but it is not, and may be it is not. Let us consider a television advertisement of a sexual protective wear. Medium analysis has to take into account several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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