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Freedom in Modern Art - Research Paper Example

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The basic motive of this project is freedom in the context of modern art. Art is defined as a form of expression. It has evolved from a series of classical dynasties throughout history. It also has continuously revolutionized radical movements especially in this modern time…
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Freedom in Modern Art
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Extract of sample "Freedom in Modern Art"

Download file to see previous pages The paper "Freedom in Modern Art" concerns the freedom in a modern art context. Today, art has been exhibited and expressed in surprisingly varied media greatly influenced by the global modernization. Art is no longer defined with strict rules in terms of aesthetic value and medium used. Anyone has liberty to explore what is inside of them and express them in ways for arts sake. The cultural backgrounds influencing the inner system of the creators’ hands are expressed in the messages and media of their output. The freedom in every artist lets him explore the vastness of his creativity into varied concepts of supreme work using multitudes of possible media. This sense of freedom in the modern art has opened the gates for other kinds of materials to be used as medium in expressing art. Every man is an artist. Indeed, that has been very true this time. The intrinsic creative capacity of every human being is now exploding into manifestos that make viewers stand in wondering awe. Plus, the trend of digital modern day technology has been embedded in the realm of art. The digital age conquering the world has now come. It is a reality that is visible not only on the modern day gadgets and machineries but also in the art demesne. Art has turned into a real dynamic symbiotic system where artist’s magnum opuses are more interactive. There are voices that are heard in their silent protests and there are images depicted in shadows. Messages of their works cants with piercing sonata echoed with the various reactions., critics, appreciations and applause from those who perceive. There are various art shows, galleries and exhibits that take their audience aback with all the surprising media used by modern artists. Art exhibited are incorporated with high technology concepts, medium as well as some radical messages. A lot of artists join such exhibition in showing their masterpieces portraying art for arts sake idea. Art has indeed evolved from prehistoric dynasties where aesthetic value is the optimum criteria to judge a piece of work to an era where art works are expressed regardless of how they look in the human eye. There are even extreme works exposing radical movements created in skewed forms with messages hidden in graphics. Medium used has varied from oil based paints into lights and lasers. Canvasses containing them expounds from traditional easel-sized paints into walls, screens, and even a whole room. Who would have thought that art can consume such space? The vastness of possible resources to paint the many artists’ graffiti has sloped into infinity. Every now and then, a new thing happens. Every now and then, a new material coming from nature has been staged into stardom as they are exposed gradually. One of the most remarkable modern day artists that explored an extraordinary media in expressing art is Daniel Rozin. He expressed a different kind of art with the use of unreflective surfaces to act as mirror. His famous work, The Wooden Mirror has spectacularly amazed audiences from all over the world. He skillfully combined 830 pieces of wooden block hooked up with motors adjoined with built in cameras. This was built in the year 1999 where physical art is collaborated with digital technology. The other materials included to complete the whole piece includes servo motors, cameras for video, computer and of course the wooden frames. The natural resource from nature which is wood has been used to portray images through the web of intricate body part construction reflecting an abstract perception of digital pixels. The camera picks up movement from an object in front of the masterpiece thereby producing a shadowed reflection as the output. Anyone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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