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Date The four freedoms The freedom of speech and expression is a political right to communicate ideas and opinions to a party willing to receive them by use of property and body. It may include the act of transferring information irrespective of the medium used, but subject to limitations such as slander, libel, sedition or even obscenity…
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Download file to see previous pages Freedom of speech is important in media and press since it heals with public. In a democratic state, of which most states in the world are, the interest and the rights of the state take priority. Politics and freedom to speech is inseparable since politics is the main component of democracy. Some argue that democracy is an idea of peoples self governance. The electorate in such a system must be properly informed and with no constrains for ideas and information to flow. If constrained, the electorate can easily be manipulated to avoid criticisms which are healthy. Accountability process and freedom of speech significantly impacts on the governance quality of a country. The worldwide measure and indicator of the freedom of speech is the freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom of media. Debating and open discussions in democratic nations is important in the achievement of a stable and more adaptive community. This brings about consensus rather than imposition of laws. Through social interactions, stakeholders of a particular institution are able to engage in discussions that bears development in the direction of the community. Thus, the freedom of speech and expression plays a major role in the world today and it is one of the main pillars of the democracy building. Freedom of worship also means the freedom of religion or freedom of belief. It protects individual and gives them the liberty to choose to believe in the teachings and faith of their choice. Nobody in any part of the world is compelled to follow any specific religion. Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right covers the fundamentals of the freedom of worship. There are different religions in the world ranging from Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and even Judaism. In pursuit of democracy, a nation should strive as much as possible to tolerate and respect the people’s choice that allows them to worship freely. This was a universal full fledge after the United Nations General Assembly passed a declaration on elimination of all forms of intolerance and religion based discrimination on 25th November 1981. Religion freedom was recognized as a fundamental human right henceforth. (John Winthrop, 2009), the government should allow people to choose religion freely so that long run societal interest to prevail. He pointed out that laws that prevent the freedom of religion seek to preserve belief and power in a particular religion. In a given religion, the way of worship is almost similar but sharply differs between religions. Since there are no laws that prohibit religion choice, it definitely means that the freedom of worship is also guaranteed. This freedom allows people to worship God in their own way and style. In as much as freedom of worship is universal all over in the world, there are no specific and outright laws that dictate and govern on how people should worship. There is also a limit beyond which worship freedom should not go beyond. In pursuit of worship, it musts be within the limits as not to conflict with other laws. In as much as the holy books such as the bible and the Quran being one of the sources of most constitutions in the world, it does not give them prevalence over the constitution. The constitution is the supreme law of any country and any other law that is consistent with it is declared void to the extent of inconsistency. People are free to switch ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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...Freedom Freedom is a diverse term, which has drawn different definitions hence controversy in setting in onedefinition. One of the definitions drawing controversy is perceiving freedom as the right to do wrong rather than the right to be wrong. However, many scholars define freedom as the exercise of ones whishes and actions without restriction. In this definition, culture influences the manner in which people exercise their freedom by forming general rules and directions whether consciously or unconsciously through which external pressures exert control. In the story passed by Eric Fromm in his literary piece ’The Fear of Freedom’ and...
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...Personal Freedom As the forces of change redefine societal beliefs and expectations terms such as individualism, egoism, and uniqueness are creating paradigm shifts in the assumed roles of people. The shifts in thinking are resulting in a re-evaluation of how human beings think and what role humans have in the hierarchical structure of society. As a result the clamor and demands for “individuality” is causing researchers and social scientists to re-examine the layers of the human social experience and how it relates to society’s current structure. Personal Freedom a relatively “new” invention is a phrase that has the preconceived attributes of rights, liberty, “freedom,” and social...
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...Freedom and Bravery Freedom, and its synonyms and like terms such as liberty, is a term often invoked in philosophical, political and social discourse throughout history and modern times, and undoubtedly will be invoked in the future. Armies and navies have fought and died for this term and artists and poets continue to explore the very meaning of freedom. Words are, after all, are symbols of ideas for the use of language and communication. Thusly, the meaning and idea of freedom is complex and can be applied to many manifestations of such ideas. According to the most recent edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, freedom is defined as "the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action or the liberation... from...
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...Freedom I hear people say that freedom is the basic right of a human being. Every individual is born free and thus it is his right to enjoy the life the way he wants. And this is what I believe in. To me, and as every dictionary would state, freedom means living one’s life the way one wants without encountering any obstacles and others’ resistance toward the achievement of one’s goals, objectives and desires. Who on earth would not want to achieve his desires without having to face any hurdle? I believe that every single being on this planet would wish to lead a life that has been designed by him and him alone. In this paper, I will describe my concept of freedom and why...
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...FreedomFreedom refers to an individual’s ability to make independent decisions. However, this term is relative subject to its many applications in diverse spheres of life. The term also means a person’s ability to act autonomously without any condition. Freedom is a derivative of the word free, which means the state of being under no control or constraint. This term is used in a different manner, subject to cultural beliefs. For instance, the traditional African beliefs stipulate that a woman has freedom so long as she is submissive to her husband. Additionally, some people consider the aspect of migration to greener pastures as equivalent to attaining...
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...Freedom Introduction In vivid terms, freedom implies the ability of a person or a group of persons to determine theiractions. This is possible in the society that provides full development of potentials that human beings can have. Freedom is enjoyed through the community. This implies that it is impossible to enjoy freedom as an individual. According to Carl Marx, freedom is blended the community and cannot be enjoyed individually unless the whole community has freedom (The German Ideology). Nevertheless, common citizens do not have individual liberty unless they are in the ruling class. This implies that only the ruling class can...
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...Freedom of Government Informants. The law enforcement ities such as FBI and CIA have a role to play in developing and promoting the will of the citizens. They should respect all people’s freedom and overcome their malicious practices of oppressing their autonomy. The FBI and CIA should embrace efficient and effective tools while developing informants such as recruiting US citizens and non US civilians with a working comprehension of the source of the assassin operation; this would assist to solve questions as to why terrorism has continued to be a major problem. Another way of developing informants is finding legal sophisticated ways and strategies to recruit counterspy rather than promising good...
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