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She preferred her own daughter and wished for the best for her own daughter rather than treating both girls equally. The stepdaughter…
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DQ 10
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The Three Little Men in the Woods The story is premised on a cruel stepmother against her stepdaughter since she married the stepdaughters’ father until in her marriage. She preferred her own daughter and wished for the best for her own daughter rather than treating both girls equally. The stepdaughter received rewards, gratitude, other important virtues while the stepdaughter, and stepdaughter died has a punishment of their cruel acts to the stepdaughter who had already been married to a King.
Stepmother was the main character and played an important role in the story. She dictates what should be done and how the issue either favors her or favors her daughter. The woman was jealously, controlling and cruel. The stepmother treated her stepdaughter in a cruel manner when compared to her own daughter. This can be seen from the paper clothing that she gave to the stepdaughter compared to the wool clothing that she gave to her own daughter when they went to harvest strawberries. In society, numerous issues and cases have been reported on the misunderstanding and attitudes between stepdaughters and stepmothers towards other members of the family. Even though the attributed is limited, it actual occurs with the society.
The three dwarfs are the main male characters. The male characters read and understood the personality of the two daughters resulting in rewarding the good one while punishing the evil one. The male characters illustrate the importance of differentiating, understanding what is wrong from what is good, and proposing the appropriate strategy to acknowledged the virtues.
From the story, it is evident good deeds are rewarded while the evil deeds are punished. The stepdaughter was rewarded since she had positive attributes while the stepmother was punished because she had negative attributes. Through life, the interpretation has not changed since it is a common approach that is employed in appreciating and punishing deeds.
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. (2003). The Three Little Men in the Woods. Retrieved from Read More
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