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Stages of relationship: Coming Together and Falling Apart - Essay Example

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At first we had a very strong relationship, and we spent most of our time together. However, the relationship ended during our second year in school following my…
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Stages of relationship: Coming Together and Falling Apart
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the termination phases include differentiating, circumscribing, avoiding and terminating.
We reported to the administration office very early in that morning since as was required by the institution. There were very many people around some of them were students and others were either parent of guardians who had accompanied the students. As we hanged around waiting to be admitted, my I kept darting my eyes around trying to familiarize with the environment. Suddenly my eyes focused on someone who seemed peculiar to me. He was a medium sized boy who was so charming and humble. We kept throwing glances at each other occasionally until it became usual that we could not be able to avoid each other anymore. Slowly we started getting attracted to each other each time we smiled on each other whenever our eyes met. I draw close to that boy stealthily and greeted him casually. He responded to my greetings warmly and from there we continued with our conversation. He introduced himself to me as Gregory, and I told him my name. Although we had known each other for a very short time by the time were through with admission we had become so free with other as if we were long time pals and had started getting attracted to him. Before the admission process was over we had an opportunity to know some details about each other we felt free in the company of each other. We discussed different things especially about academics a few things about personal matters.
When we finally admitted in form one Gregory, and I was lucky because we landed to the same class. The class work did not start immediately and therefore we had plenty of time to share about our personal matter. The first was set for orientation with the school environment hence we were taken to different departments and institutional facilities. Were able to interact with different heads of departments and before lunch time we have had enough of that orientation. Immediately after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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