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Strategic Relationships in the Organisations Supply Chain - Essay Example

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This essay explores the importance of undertaking a detailed analysis of the existing supply chain relationships (SWOT) and the importance of the existing relationships within the supply and the contribution these make to the organization's success…
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Strategic Relationships in the Organisations Supply Chain
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"Strategic Relationships in the Organisations Supply Chain"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that to analyze the existing supply chain relationship various methods are there which can be employed to find out how the partners in a supply chain are performing and is the relationship only seems useful or is productive and beneficial for the organization. Either we can go in a stepwise manner and review performance of each supply chain component, or we can view the who process as one unit and do its SWOT analysis through which we can easily find out the weak link in the entire process and then can work or finding a solution for that weakness. Now the main benefit that we’ll achieve through SWOT analysis is that we’ll have a full-scale analysis of our supply chain process, i.e., We’ll identify our core strengths which shall be quite helpful for us. Knowing our core strengths, we can focus on those areas or components to further improve and excel which will not much take time and improve our efficiency. By knowing our weakness, we’ll know what factors have been harming us and what steps are needed to be made to eliminate the weakness or is the weakness due to such a weak link then we need to arrange alternate measure to fulfill the requirement on the temporary basis. Next finding opportunities to established new and stronger relationships will help us grasp any such opportunity which shall be helpful in the more extended run for the organization. Finally, identification of threat will help us stay prepared for any troublesome or problematic situation which in normal circumstance would be disastrous for the organization and would have damaged the organization’s image as well as a result in the financial loss as well. The process of management of various human, machine, technological and other resources and maintaining the relationships that the organization has it's with supply chain stakeholders which include staff, employees, labor, supplier, etc. to ultimately develop end-product for the customer from mere raw materials through addition of value is called Supply Chain Management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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