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The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet died at the age 88 on Thursday as confirmed by her daughter Judith. She was known for her works that…
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Your pick of this weeks news
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An article by Margalit Fox appeared on the New York Times on February 7, featuring the demise of a renowned poet and author, Maxine Kumin. The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet died at the age 88 on Thursday as confirmed by her daughter Judith. She was known for her works that explored some of the complex issues surrounding human existence. Besides, she did consultancy in poetry to the Library of Congress. Still at the advanced age, Kumin never tired to write, her last collection would be published in spring. She was a feminist, at one point she resigned as the chancellor of the Academy of American poets in protest of women misrepresentation. She taught in various places including at Tufts, New England College and the Bread Loaf Writers’ conference. She was good in memorizing and encouraged her students to follow suit. She did her Bachelor’s degree in history and literature and later masters in comparative literature at Radcliffe. Her career began in the late 1950’s after enrolling at a local poetry-writing workshop where she met Ms Sexton who was very influential in her works.
This article carries information about the late Maxine Kumin who was an award-winning author and poet. It breaks the news of her demise as well giving further analysis of her legacy. In support of the ideas presented, the article writer has quoted some of the works that Kumin did and their significance. For example, she uses her poem “Almost Spring, Driving Home, Reciting Hopkins” to demonstrate that she was a star swimmer. Her other works that the newspaper writer cites include; “How It Is,” “Highway Hypothesis,” and “Homecoming.” However, Fox has also mentioned quite a number of her works. Fox has given some information about her background but lacks adequate information as concerns the career path. There is a missing link of what she was up to in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The quality of writing is quite impressive but the quotations have occupied a big chunk of the work. Generally, the information provided is relevant tough it would have been enriched further.
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Fox, Margalit. Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer-Winning Poet with a Naturalist’s Precision, Dies at 88. The New York Times. Web. 8 Feb 2014. Read More
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Your Pick of This week'S News Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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