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The term First Generation students refer to any student who pursues college education as the first person in a family whose…
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A Narrative Inquiry Qualitative Research Approach
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Download file to see previous pages Given that this minority group has been inadequately covered in research, their challenges have lacked the necessary attention that is crucial in ensuring that they make wise choices in their life. Research has pointed out that these students are inclined to face more challenges unless there is an intervention to streamline their decision making process. As this population continues to increase, it is necessary to provide research driven recommendations to help them overcome their challenges and resolve their problems.
The main purpose of this research is to investigate the factors that lead to First Generation Students (FGS) in obtaining multiple graduate degrees; undergraduate, masters, PhD and Doctoral programs. By interviewing FGS persons who have acquired post graduate education, it is possible to obtain their experiences and assess the factors that have contributed to their achievements. With this information, the research will assist in the generation of viable motivational approaches that can assist other FGS students to earn success in their education. The principle behind this study is that enhancing educational development is one of the best ways to impact community advancement in the contemporary society.
The research will follow a narrative inquiry approach in the synthesis of the fact underlying the academic achievements of the FGS. With this interpretive approach, it will be possible to obtain the experiences of the selected samples and synthesise possible way in which to encourage other FGS to follow suit.
In the recent past, the topic on First Generation students has generated a lot of heat in the area of research that is concerned with academic development. Ward, Siegel & Davenport (2012) define First Generation college students as those students entering college and originate from a family where none of the parents or siblings have attained have graduated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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