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Marshall McLuhan: Theories and Contemporary Relevance - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the key aspects of McLuhan’s ideas by examining his various works and highlighting the core concepts that he formulated. The paper looks at how McLuhan’ thinking has been important in studying media and communication…
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Marshall McLuhan: Theories and Contemporary Relevance
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Extract of sample "Marshall McLuhan: Theories and Contemporary Relevance"

Download file to see previous pages The ideas of Marshall McLuhan have had a lasting effect on how we understand the social and cultural effects of communication media especially in the twentieth century. The continued reverberation of McLuhan’s time-defying statement, ‘the medium is the message’, has found its way into conventional language and present-day media awareness. The significance of this reasoning continues to influence how our thinking of the media, perception of its impacts, and the contemporary consciousness of potential consequences. McLuhan’s main contribution to media theory studies was the establishment of boundaries to define the discipline, which have facilitated the creation of a framework for perceiving media as communication (Griffin, 2002). McLuhan made media and mediation the focal point of his consideration and concentrated on points of overlap between various media systems. This way, he was able to delineate and effectively ground the media field in a theoretical foundation, creating models and mechanisms for exploring media as demonstrations of cultural communication.
Several of McLuhan’s thoughts have continued to be developed especially his projects on media studies (Chun and Keenan, 2006). The novel suggestions made by McLuhan formed the foundation for exploring media studies and a lot of attention is still given to the field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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