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Advertising (Answer Question From Book , The New Account Manager.) - Assignment Example

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The Evolution of the Advertising Agency has enabled the party involved to primarily focus on designing and creating advertisements on behalf of the organization while the New Account Manager specifically deals with issues related to managing all the sales done by existing as…
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Advertising (Answer Question From Book , The New Account Manager.)
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Download file to see previous pages Previously, the advertising agency had the sole responsibility of managing al advertising activities for the company.
3. IMC stands for integrated marketing communications and it refers to the combined use of promotional methods such as PR, advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. The role of IMC for advertising agencies is to coordinate different promotional tools in order to reach a wide range of targeted consumers. IMC is helpful to consumers since they are able to select the information they want about different products and services from a wide range of sources. IMC plays a significant role for account managers since they are able to reach a wide range of different clients including the advertising agents.
4. An “org” shows the structure of the company or the organization. On the other hand, an operational chart outlines the map of people responsible for executing each task. These two are related in that an operational chart is derived from the org chart where tasks in each department are split to show each person responsible for doing them.
5. The basic logistical systems include different aspects that affect the operations of the company. In encompasses things like product processing, management of inventory and transportation or method of delivering the product or service to the customers. These factors are interrelated.
6. Above the line (ATL) advertising is specifically targeted at a large number of consumers and it utilises mass media to reach them. On the other hand, below the line (BTL) advertising specifically targets individual customers and it uses methods like coupons and personal selling to reach the targeted consumers.
7. “Orchestration” refers to the process of arranging different components or parts of something to make it complete. In a business, different sections are orchestrated in order to achieve the desired goals. On the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advertising (Answer Question From Book , The New Account Manager.) Assignment.
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