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Herbert Kaufman, The Forest Ranger, Whole - Book Report/Review Example

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The author, Kaufman observes the behavior of different rangers in the District level of Forest Service. The principal aspects discussed by the author revolve on how the executively formulated policies…
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Herbert Kaufman, The Forest Ranger, Whole Book
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Extract of sample "Herbert Kaufman, The Forest Ranger, Whole"

THE FOREST RANGER: A STUDY IN ADMINISTRATIVE BEHAVIOR BY HERBERT KAUFMAN This book is an impressive study in the Forest Service of the United States. The author, Kaufman observes the behavior of different rangers in the District level of Forest Service. The principal aspects discussed by the author revolve on how the executively formulated policies are realized and implemented by the field personnel who operate under different conditions. The author states that even in the agencies with simple day to day responsibilities, molding behavior for personnel is often a trying experience1. Additionally, Kaufman seeks to explain how it is possible for a heterogeneous and dispersed agency as the Forest Service able to secure a coherent and integrated policy execution across a wide number of districts.
The author clearly understands how administrative agencies manage, run and direct largely staffed and complex firms. The book inquires decision making process and the author knits the evidence of decision making arguments around Forest Service. He develops impressive understanding of an “integrated action policy” that depends on the degree of control that leaders have on the decision making environment which aligns every employee’s decision into a common goal. The author uses organization implicitly by designing integrated policy actions that serve to bring premises and important data to the attention of decision makers in the Forest Service. Kaufman demonstrates how once a “policy” or “theory” becomes a reality by using the Forest Ranger’s observed behaviour before and after the external pressures such as women movements and civil rights on the Forest Service.
The book highlights that in the years of 1960, Forest Service was a great success, and the author uses the ranger as a seminal breakdownof the how’s and why’s of the success. The book shows evidence of how environmental changes, civil rights and women movements have had great impacts on the Forest service. The mentioned challenges had great impact on navigation of social change in the Forest Service. The book highlights how civil rights, women movements and environment have presented difficulties to the Forest ranger, ultimately changing the whole Forest Service Organization in stated and under-stated ways. The Forest Ranger is used as a prescient and striking case study of how a complex firm evolves and operates over time. The ranger is however as relevant today as when the book was first issued.
Other related arguments that put Kaufman in the discussion include the “Control Process Theory” by Herbert Simon which main concern is the relationship between the decision maker and implementer within an organization. The other argument is the “Theory of Public Bureaucracy” by Donald Warwick which aims at streaming administration in the State Department. In this theory, Warwick concludes that environments of public agencies interact with internal forces in creation of hierarchies and rules.
The book is quite compelling but the author has more interest in Political Science. The reader must be ready to read between the lines and to see the investigation under a view of an advanced expert in administration. The technicalities of an ordinary forest service are not presented. The picture of the Forest ranger is confusing with a lot of jargon making the book complicated and unappealing to many readers. However, the book has interesting elusive aspects with hitherto that are out of this world, making it hard to understand. However, the impression received on reading this book is that it is very hard to come across a counterpart to the Forestry Ranger of the United States in any other parts of the world.
Herbert, Kaufman,. The Forest Ranger: A Study in Administrative Behavior. (Routledge; Special Reprint Edition edition, 2006), 3-239.
Kaufman, Herbert. The Forest Ranger: A Study in Administrative Behavior (2nd Ed.). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press. 2006. Read More
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