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The Books of Colin Turnbull: The Forest and Mountain People - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper reviewed and analyzed the classic works of Colin Turnbull and found them as the most illuminating in terms of providing the valuable insights about the basic human psyche and how it is based on the need to survive without any concern for others. …
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The Books of Colin Turnbull: The Forest and Mountain People
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"The Books of Colin Turnbull: The Forest and Mountain People"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, the lifestyle changed and modified in order to incorporate agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago when humans finally learned the important and valuable art of sowing a seed. The simple sowing of a seed led to the development of agriculture and therefore, humanity was divided into two distinct groups. One of them remained committed to old ways of life and kept on hunting and gathering in order to make a living (Woodcock, 3). The second group moved to other geographical locations and started to adopt modern methods of living. The people of the second group build houses and plow their lands so that they can grow food for themselves(Woodcock, 5). The second group’s contributions are identified as significant in terms of leading modern humanity towards industrialization that became a defining attribute of economies in the modern era of the 21st century. The “Forest People” duly revealed the fact that human race was not only divided into two groups but these factions developed divergent cultural values with the passage of time as well and therefore, a lot of friction was caused by the normative differences in the societies (Woodcock, 5). The forest people remained close to nature and followed an animal’s way of life. They became divided into various clans and groups and fought amongst each other in order to mark their territories. The youngsters stepping into adulthood were supposed to kill their first prey to prove their capability of feeding the family that they will have soon after becoming a man (Woodcock, 2). The young females who tend to enter the period of adultery are treated as new potential mothers and they do not have to face doubts about their character from society. Additionally, the forest people do not consider death as a natural phenomenon and therefore, an individual’s death is supposed to be the act of his or her enemies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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