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An Informative Account of the Attributes of the Presidents in the Fred Greenstein - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay discusses an informative account of the attributes of the presidents in the book Fred Greenstein. The essay considers the cognitive style, political skills, communication ability, vision, organizational capacity as well as the emotional intelligence of each president…
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An Informative Account of the Attributes of the Presidents in the Book Fred Greenstein
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Extract of sample "An Informative Account of the Attributes of the Presidents in the Fred Greenstein"

Download file to see previous pages In his argument, he stresses that emotional intelligence is the most fundamental aspect in forecasting the success or failure of a president. All through his book, Greenstein gives several bottom-line conclusions on every subject. In addition, he offers a predominant theory explaining the reasons behind the achievement or failure of the presidents. In his new edition, he strives to assess the political regime of George W. Bush, who served for two terms (Greenstein 2009).
The book goes ahead to explore the new regime of leadership under president Barrack Obama. He particularly focuses on his style of leadership and elaborates on how this style can impact both his legacy and presidency. He vividly illuminates a perspective leadership view and underscores the events as well as the qualities that streamlined the achievements and the misfortunes of the contemporary presidency. Each and every chapter of the book is visibly built and structured to give a background to every president before embarking on the analysis of their administration approaches (Greenstein 2009). The book is clearly full of significant events and facts. He tactfully analyses the presidential style of administration ina valuable and thrilling manner. Above all, Greenstein employs well-selected examples in illustrating and justifying his position. His ideas are also well presented.
In this book, Greenstein stays with his leading role (Greenstein 2009). He argues that presidential power entails the power to convince, using appropriate skills in communication, and not from formal influences or roles. Presidential success, according to him, lies on wise strategic controls. He adds that there exists a bothersome trust in the perspective of transformational governance to amend the ideas and conduct of supporters in the public and actors in institutes and suggests that this act calls for the need for change as a corrective measure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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