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She has brought the hospital into public and accused it of mistreating the elderly patient by showing the film clips she shot while on duty in…
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Dissent Conditions
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Dissent Dissent usually occurs when employees observe wrong events ,doings or unethical behavior in the organizational environment. Dissent can occur at low risk or high risk conditions.
Case of dissent in low risk conditions
The case of Margaret Haywood is a dissent of high risk condition where she exposed the ignorance of the Staff at Royal Sussex Hospital. She has brought the hospital into public and accused it of mistreating the elderly patient by showing the film clips she shot while on duty in the hospital. It is a low risk condition where the nurse point out the unprofessionalism of her organization. Another case is a case of John who observed that the food served in the cafeteria of the company was unhygienic. He complained about in the health department and this alarmed his company. This is also a low risk dissent.
Case of dissent in high risk conditions
The case where the F- 22 fighter pilots who refused to fly because it made them sick and they are unable to complete the mission safely. These pilots spoke about it in public and faced high risk at career. So it is a condition of dissent at high risk condition. Also a police officer named James reported in public that inmates are treated unethically in the jail also put himself at high risk condition.
The triggers in low risk conditions are organizations are role responsibility, supervisor action and organizational effectiveness.
The triggers in high risk conditions are supervisor ethics, decision making processes, justice.
In low risk condition the dissent only damages the relationship between the employer and the employee while high risk dissent can risk the mental, physical and career status of the employee. Read More
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