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This happens when a person has consumed a large amount of alcohol over a short time. The alcohol level in their blood goes high, and this leads to poisoning…
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Alcohol Poisoning
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Module Alcohol Poisoning Excessive intake of alcohol can be hazardous to a person’s health, and this is commonly known as alcohol poisoning. This happens when a person has consumed a large amount of alcohol over a short time. The alcohol level in their blood goes high, and this leads to poisoning (Gallavardin and Albert 34). Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short time affects a person’s breathing, increases the heart rate, affects reflex actions and could lead to a comma in severe cases. Consequently, a person may die if in a comma for an extended period.
To avoid alcohol poisoning, people should avoid binge drinking. This is the situation where a person takes five or more drinks in succession. This does not give the body time to clean up the system of alcohol. During this time, there is less intake of air which makes the body to react fast to give way for more air intake. This leads to a person breathing fast and shallow. It also affects the heart as it has to pump more blood. In such a scenario, the person’s body functioning is unstable and vulnerable and one may die quite easily.
When a person is suffering from alcohol poisoning, the body is unresponsive. The person is extremely confused and does not think right. When a person is disoriented, the body loses balance leading to staggering when in motion. It is common knowledge that when a person is staggering, there are high chances of falling on risky objects. This could cause life threatening situations, for example, falling in ditches or tripling over rails. It could also lead to deep cuts while others escape with injuries that make them vulnerable to tetanus infection. In many instances, a person suffering from alcohol poisoning does not react to basic stimuli, which makes them more vulnerable to further injuries. Apparently, alcohol poisoning can be accidental. For example, an unsuspecting person could take household products or drinks that contain alcohol. Mostly such products or drinks are not labeled. However, this is a less common occurrence.
Alcohol poisoning affects both mental and physical functioning. This results in some nerves relaxing leading to reduced activity. This could lead to life threatening situations. In some instances, these effects are long term and could lead to mental impairment. According to recent statistics, it is estimated that 50,000 cases that are related to alcohol poisoning are recorded annually in the United States (Gallavardin and Albert 54). This is a large percentage of the population that leads to unnecessary expenditure by the government and in particular the tax payers. However, it is declared that out of the 50,000 cases record annually, alcohol poisoning claims the life of at least one person every week.
In addition to this, alcohol poisoning causes hypothermia. In most instances, a person suffering from alcohol poisoning vomits often. Since there is little control of the body functions, the vomit could end up in the lungs which could cause serious damage (Gallavardin and Albert, 48). Vomiting leads to dehydration and loss of body fluids, and this heightens the risk of brain damage. On the other hand, the blood glucose levels drop and the person could suffer from seizures.
From the above it is clear that care should be taken even at homes and all alcoholic drinks should be labeled as such. Alcohol poisoning has been seen to cause mild symptoms like vomiting to extreme effects like death. It is, therefore, critical for people to watch how much alcohol they drink for their own good.
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Gallavardin, Jean-Pierre & Albert, Day. A Treatise on Alcohol Poisoning Followed by a Guide to Homeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism. New York: Koebel Press, 2011. Print. Read More
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Alcohol Poisoning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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