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This is a reflection on the world of children affected by the Rubella syndrome which is a viral embryopathy that causes some of the most severe disabilities we have ever seen in children like deafness and blindness. Through an intimate care and association with these children we…
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A world without words reflection
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World without words This is a reflection on the world of children affected by the Rubella syndrome which is a viral embryopathy that causes some of the most severe disabilities we have ever seen in children like deafness and blindness. Through an intimate care and association with these children we get to understand and habilitate them better.
These children live in a world different or segregated from our own normal world as we know it. They are perceived differently as per their interactions with the day care staff and their doctors who only see them for assessment. Thus there are two different perceptions of these children: the custodial and the clinical perception. Unfortunately it’s the doctors’ or rather clinicians’ views that are reflected which paints this children as dormant and damaged. Both clinicians and direct care staff are involved in the social construction process of these children but programs by clinicians are not adequate for their needs since they do not know them well or on a close personal level. Though the direct-care staff reports are more accurate, no one has ever considered these children as children first1. Like the use of electric shock to deter a kid from stealing food from other children’s’ plate is crude and an animal like training2. After reading through this article, we learn that choices made by these children should be considered when designing rehabilitation programmes for them because through this one understands these children’s life, challenges, choices and preferences and thus one is able to help them fully.
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World without words. Syracuse University Library. Web. 4 Apr, 2013. Read More
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A World Without Words Reflection Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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