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Internet users change several particulars including age, identity or gender. This entails the management of individuality and character in the cyberspace. The choice…
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Managing your identity
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Task: Managing your identity The internet presents, at times, exclusively different identity of people from the known real time individuals. Internet users change several particulars including age, identity or gender. This entails the management of individuality and character in the cyberspace. The choice of usernames by online account holders and social sites depicts distinct difference between their real identity and that displayed in the internet.
With many operations in the internet, one may enhance his or her identity. There are diverse facets through which an individual can transform his or her identity over the internet (Kokswijk 72). A single real time identity may act several under different identities over the internet.
The presentation of an individual in real time may vary from association with positivism to that of negativism. Social sites are rampant for deceitful identity, for instance. Most internet users express the desire to receive positivism attached to their identity while using the internet. However, some internet users prefer negative identity to positivism for vested reasons.
Some internet uses involve professionalism and need high level of identity that displays the reality. Others, on the contrary, require low levels of reality of the internet user. The true characteristics of the internet user are subject to a degree of manipulation, in the later case.
The media of preference dictates the personality of an individual while using the internet. Communication media that use semantics of language require low levels of identity. It requires a temporary real time personal identity. For choice of media that require that, personalities should have a vivid identity, including webcams for highly engaging interactions, a nearly true personality is applicable.
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Kokswijk, Jacob. Digital Ego: Social and Legal Aspects of Virtual Identity. Glasgow, UK: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V., 2007. Print. Read More
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Managing Your Identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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