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Both websites are valid websites not only because they can be accessed, but also because they are reputable in their respective industries. For example, in the case of, the website is an excellent site to watch…
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Evaluating websites
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Is this a valid web site? Why? Answer should be based on your web search about evaluating websites.  The two websites chosen are and Both websites are valid websites not only because they can be accessed, but also because they are reputable in their respective industries. For example, in the case of, the website is an excellent site to watch streaming video of TV shows, movies, trailers, behind the scene footages from many networks ( With, the website is a popular among students and parents to get tutorial on subjects that they have difficulty with. Both websites publishers are also known making it valid (
For academic purposes however, may not pass as a valid reference because it is not considered a scholarly site but rather just a tutorial. It could however, support as reference to scholarly journals. With, the films and clips that would be shown there can be referenced because it is the film maker that matters in academic citation and not the medium or platform.
2. Why did you choose to evaluate these two websites? 
I chose to evaluate these two websites because they are very popular among teenagers like me and I would like to figure out myself if they are valid and substantive website. I also would like to know if they could pass for academic referencing. After studying that valid academic websites must be supported by scientific methodologies, I concluded may not qualify to be used as a primary reference even if it is very popular among students like me.
3. Was the information Helpful? Is the website easy to use? 
Of course these websites are very helpful and easy to use especially Who does not want to watch movies and tv anyway? It is also almost plug and play the moment we have chosen our desired film or tv series so it is very easy to use. It is also very helpful because the interface of the website is very easy to understand and navigate (
With regard to, the website is also extremely helpful with the basics in case we want to brush up with it. The site however is not much of use to college students and especially if the lessons that we are dealing with are quite complex. In addition, it cannot be used as a primary reference and not a site for research. With regard to its ease of use, the website is also easy to navigate and the subjects are logically arranged and categorized so that they can be easily located (
4. What did you learn from the two websites? 
There are things that could be learned from than is an entertainment website and in academic sense, there is nothing much to be picked from it. But if we want to have a cost effective entertainment plus trivia among its stars, then is a great site. is a great site to visit to brush up certain lessons. For example, if I need to brush up on my algebra because I forgot how to translate word problems into equations, is a very handy tutor and what makes it more terrific is that it is free that I wonder where its owner gets it resources for the upkeep of the website.
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