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The movie, Philadelphia, is an excellent example of the blatant discrimination that countless numbers of people diagnosed with the AIDS virus are exposed to. The main character in the movie, Andy, is gay. Sadly, at this time in American society, gay people were already…
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Philadelphia movie
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Movie Analysis: Philadelphia Movie Analysis: Philadelphia The movie, Philadelphia, is an excellent example of the blatant discrimination that countless numbers of people diagnosed with the AIDS virus are exposed to. The main character in the movie, Andy, is gay. Sadly, at this time in American society, gay people were already stigmatized and looked down upon. Couple that with the fact that it was now divulged that he also has the AIDS virus, and the community literally shunned him. It was like a Scarlet Letter effect. At his place of employment, these two types of discrimination almost made his life unbearable. Tom Hanks brilliantly portrayed the character of Andy and communicated to viewers the need to look at gays suffering from AIDS in a different light. It was an emotional issue, to be sure, but Hanks did a good job at causing everyone to rethink their views towards people suffering from this horrible disease.
When Andy began looking for a lawyer, he discovered that many people did not want to represent him simply on the basis of his illness. The frustration that he began to feel must surely have been overwhelming. Most people he met were afraid and would not get close to him. The movie effectively points out that even the lawyer who was brave enough to represent Andy was also afraid of him. In the end, however, this lawyer began to understand that Andy was no threat to his own health or to his reputation. He ended up learning a great deal from Andy and they turned into good friends.
The overarching theme of this movie is to educate the public about AIDS and homosexuality. These two issues have divided society and have caused this segment of the population to be segregated and discriminated against in many communities across the country. This movie shows me that discrimination will likely always exist in our society, either on the basis of gender, race, or sexual preference. Philadelphia gives me, and other viewers as well, a good look at the reasons why we should shed our discriminatory views. Such thoughts serve to hurt not only the specific group being discriminated against, but also society in general. The message that the movie sends is that discriminating against homosexual people, especially those with AIDS, is illegal. It also conveys the message that judging people, commonly referred to as stereotyping, is wrong. Understanding people and our difference comes with time. This understanding came happen if we all take the time to get to know each other.
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