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This is to mean that if content is relayed in the wrong way by the media, it is easily erased from the minds of the audience.
I once watched…
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Communication, Ethics, and Society
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Communication, Ethics, and Society In the work of DeFleur the portraying of content in the media determines the extent in which the same will be accepted by the media (78). This is to mean that if content is relayed in the wrong way by the media, it is easily erased from the minds of the audience.
I once watched the movie, The White Maasai, which revolves around a white woman who falls in love with a Samburu man from Kenya, whilst on a trip with her boyfriend. Carola, the white lady, deserts her boyfriend for Lemalian, the Samburu man. Carola travels to Maralal to look for Lemalian, and this marks the onset of their lasting relationship which lasts for while. Despite the disparities in cultures, Carola slowly adjusts to the new culture; they start a business, and have a child. Her husband becomes jealous of her, especially in the event of her flirting with other men. The movie ends with Carola travelling back to Switzerland with her daughter after several arguments with Lemalian. Lemalian doubts that she would return to him.
In as much as I can clearly recall the movie, I am not able to recall all the names of the characters in the movie, for instance, the serviceman at Lemalian’s and Carola’s shop, the priest in the church amongst others. Basing my argument on DeFleur’s argument, the movie is well portrayed, thus, making it less tasking for me to recall the major characters and the plot of the movie (78). The audience’s perception, attitude and attention have been aroused, allowing the audiences follow involuntarily the contents of the movie. Conclusively, the manner in which content has been displayed by the media determines the permanence and the consistence in which the audience will have in following up the themes displayed to the audience.
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