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Ethics in Communication and Public Relations - Research Paper Example

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Normative ethics is one of the branches of philosophical ethics which has the objectives of investigating the questions that arise when tackling moral issues. It simply means that it is the study of the ethical actions for one involved in the communication sector. …
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Ethics in Communication and Public Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Public relations also involves the organizations or individuals gaining exposure to their audiences using different topics, debates which are of public interests and news articles mostly requiring no direct payment (Seitel, 2007). According to Messina (2007), the aim of public relations in the company is to persuade the members of the public, their investors, employees, partners and other different stakeholders associated with it. The company persuades all the stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about their products and services, the leadership and other issues including the political decisions. Some common activities involved in communication to public include speaking at conferences, working with the press to deliver information, and the entire communication by employees to the general public (Rubel, 2007). In this aspect therefore, normative ethics is applied by the individuals or organizations to determine the information delivered to the public if they are true or false. The amount earned globally in the communication sector, specifically in advertisements have barely declined and most of the traditional media outlets have declined their circulations in favor of social media and online news sources. The death of newspapers as a means to pass information to the public was even tracked as explained by Paul (2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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