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1. Primarily, Continuity Irish Republican army is a terrorist organization comprising of dissident republican paramilitaries, and its professed aim is to bring about a united Ireland. To do so, this terrorist organization needs to attack and neutralize all symbols and indicators…
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The Continuity Irish Republican Army/Islamic Jihad Union
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The Continuity Irish Republican Army/Islamic Jihad Union of the Journalism, Mass Media and Communication of the Concerned January 30, 2013
The Continuity Irish Republican Army/Islamic Jihad Union
1. Primarily, Continuity Irish Republican army is a terrorist organization comprising of dissident republican paramilitaries, and its professed aim is to bring about a united Ireland. To do so, this terrorist organization needs to attack and neutralize all symbols and indicators of cohesion and reconciliation. In that sense the Irish men and women serving in the British army tend to be potent symbols of the British and Irish collaboration and reconciliation. Attacking them allows the Continuity Irish Republican Army to send a message that any individual or group of Irish origin, engaging in a cohesive relationship with the British institutions is a traitor who deserves to be neutralized, thereby severing the possibilities for cohesion and reconciliation.
2. Islamic Jihad Union is a terrorist group based in Pakistan whose unprofessed aim is to usher in an Islamic regime to replace the authoritarian and secular regime in Uzbekistan. At present, Islamic Jihad Union is considered to be an affiliate of Al Qaeda comprising of Uzbek extremists.
Till late, Islamic Jihad Union was believed to be an unknown terrorist group till it claimed the responsibility for the bombing of government establishments around Bukhara and Tashkent in 2004, thereby emerging as a viable threat to the local regime. The July 2004 bombings of the US and Israeli embassies by IJU bolstered its status as a vehement terrorist organization.
At present, Islamic Jihad Union is strongly suspected of trying to plot terrorist strikes in Germany and other Western European countries (Johnston, 2007). A staunch hatred for the US and the Western nations is an essential trademark of IJU that defines its existence and identity (Johnston, 2007).
Johnston, D. (September 7, 2007). Germans Swoop to Arrest Islamic Terrorist
Suspects. The Birmingham Post, 9. Read More
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