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The Islamic Jihad Union - Research Paper Example

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The paper “The Islamic Jihad Union” looks at the objectives of Al-Qaeda and the other groups. It would seem that there would be no end to war, as the US is committed to destroy Al-Qaeda’s safe haven in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and to limit the group’s capability to strike on U.S. targets…
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The Islamic Jihad Union
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Download file to see previous pages As stated in the History, Jihad is an instruction in their Quran
Christiansen defines Jihad further as a struggle of relationship to become a better person in the face of their master, the Allah. The word is also taken to mean in an extremist position, as a “holy war” on behalf of Islam, and is being associated with terrorism. To the Islamic Muslims, to sacrifice one’s life for Islam is Jihad, and to protect Islam from invaders or threat through warfare is Jihad in itself. Christiansen deals with two meanings, one with the struggle in oneself to become a better person personally, is already a Jihad. The other meaning throws fear particularly to those who are not of Muslim origin Most Muslims, Christiansen, said: “Jihad is taken on a personal level and is not expressed in an outward fashion toward others”.
To the Muslims, the word Islam refers to peace and surrender to the will of God. In this context, arguments about the validity of Jihad through warfare are being debated. Some express disapproval of violence that is not a self-defense, and there are those who defend “Jihad by the sword” is an honorable way to defend threats against their religious practices of freedom” (Christiansen)
Under this framework, those who argued in favor of Jihad by the Sword, consider those countries supporting continued warfare in the Middle East are challenging the strength of Islam and a threat to the Islamic way of life. Christiansen sees some validity on this argument as Westernization of a country can affect the religious life. This view is contradicted by Islam scholars and religious leaders who condemn Jihad as it hurts innocent people who are among those who suffer in a terrorist attack. However, they recalled a justification that it is through the Jihad power of the sword that Islam raised to a power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Islamic Jihad Union Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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