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Local impurities in Beijing come from transportation, cooking and factories; however regional impurities are produced from ammonium sulfates and ammonium nitrates from coal-burning power…
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Media and Government
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Media and Government Read the following two short articles attached about air quality at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Answer the questions in the chart with complete sentences.
China cant fully fix air quality problem for Olympics. (2008, July 16). Space Daily.
Beijing able to honor Olympic commitments: City party chief. (2008, July 21). Xinhua News Agency.
According to Each Article
American Source
Chinese Source
What is the cause of the poor air quality?
There are several impurities locally as well as regionally, that cause’s poor air quality. Local impurities in Beijing come from transportation, cooking and factories; however regional impurities are produced from ammonium sulfates and ammonium nitrates from coal-burning power plants, industry and transportation sources.
What steps is the Chinese government taking to improve the air quality?
Pollutants are the main reason of bad air quality therefore, government planned to prohibit the automobile use in half as well as also for the time being closing the factories and other large polluters for Olympics.
How effective have these steps been?
Firstly planning is done on transportation prohibition but it has an unnoticeable improvement on air quality.
What is the stance—attitude and tone—of the article? Provide examples to support your interpretation.
In the article, writer is telling the facts of bad quality air in a very positive attitude for example "I sympathize with them. Theyre doing all the right things, but unfortunately the right things may not be good enough," Rahn said and "My advice to them at this point is to keep up the good work and then pray to the Mongolian Weather Gods to send cold fronts. That’s their best hope for clean air."
In what way may the differences between these articles be attributed to governmental influence on the media?
Government has an authoritarian effect on the media because writer is telling all the details about the bad quality air and said this problem cannot be resolved but he still said government is doing their level best.
In describing libertarian perspectives, Vivian states that “human beings (can) come to know great truths by applying reason” (2011, p. 399). How is this attitude reflected in the American article?
Vivian states that the premise of authoritarian media systems is that “the government is infallible, which places its policies beyond questioning” (2011, p. 397). How is this attitude reflected in the Chinese article?
In the Chinese article, writer tells all the facts about the bad air quality. He tells all the reasons and how this problem can be solved. His statement about government shows the authoritarian system that is “Theyre doing all the right things, but unfortunately the right things may not be good enough”. Read More
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