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Audiovisual critical theory - Essay Example

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It was a work of philosophy and a critical theory written by Guy Debord. The writing presents a reinterpretation of Marx’s philosophy and contains 221 short theses. There is also particular focus made on the…
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Audiovisual critical theory
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Download file to see previous pages He has developed the modern society and in it he has replaced the authentic social life with his interpretation of representation. He has thus, written about the traced of this modern society. He also argued through his book that the social life history should be understood by the “decline of being into having, and having into appearing”. This is the history where the commodity is finally recognized as colonization of the modern social life. This is the overall idea of the degrading of the human life.
Debord has used the term spectacle in his title which is also closely related to the confluence in the society of advance capitalism. The word has been specifically used in the sense to describe the mass media and the kinds of governments who have favored the phenomenon. In his book that followed Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, Debord mentioned the spectacle as the period coming to the existence in the 1920s. He introduced this period as the coming to the existence in which the modern techniques of advertising were introduced, more innovative techniques and ideas were initiated to being used in which the campaign of Edward Bernays for the industry of tobacco was keenly highlighted (Debord, 1998, p. 87).
The spectacle is thus described as the image of the modern society where the relations between the commodities have taken place by the relations of the people amongst themselves. This society is the one in which the genuine activity is seen and identified with the spectacles. But the spectacle is not merely taken to be the collection of images; it is rather the relation of the people amongst each other which is reflected by the images. Throughout his analysis of the spectacle society, the writer has regarded that the quality of life is getting poorer. He highlights some of the major points that can be influenced in these aspects such as the lacking in authenticity, the effects on the human perceptions, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Audiovisual Critical Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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