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This is a competition that has been active since 2007. It is quite a breath taking expereince in which one hundred miles of gravel ground and single track trail in…
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Analyzing thesis
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Analyzing thesis Thesis ment Since 2007, the Butte 100 mountain bike race is one event that has capitalized on the area’s wealth of outdoor recreational resources
The mountain bike race is a competition that is known to attract a lot of racers all over United States and Canada. This is a competition that has been active since 2007. It is quite a breath taking expereince in which one hundred miles of gravel ground and single track trail in an area that is most rugged and desolate wilderness terrain. There are two important races are included under the title Butte 100, 50 mile edition and both of them are abit challenging. Both of the races utilize the nationally recognized Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. This indicates that is a well recognized race as many competitors come to either participate in the race or come to cheer the participants. The race seems to have gained momentum since its inception as it began to emerge among the growing numbers of similar endurance mountain biking events that are found within the country. This event has attracted a lot of bikers and this was evident in 2010 where the race ended in a disaster as the organizers were overwhelmed and the supplies were overstretched. This led to many of the races going off course and many competitors getting lost in the Montana wilderness. Despite all this mishaps, the event organizers have been able to come up with a strategy that will ensure that all the competitors is fully organized and all the tract are clearly marked to prevent any inconveniences for the racers.
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Analyzing Thesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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